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Truly Trendy will help make sure your manuscript is standing on a strong foundation. We will check the manuscript for clarity, flow, timeline issues, and basic fact checking. 

Truly Trendy takes on all genres and all styles (novel, short story or blog post). Many editing sites charge per hour, which can push up the price significantly. That’s why Truly Trendy charges $3 per 1000 words. Our goal is to keep the editing price within reach for most authors. Turn around time is usually 1 week but depends on orders in queue.

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**All payments are made through PayPal. All sales and services are final.**


Editing includes:

Sentence clarity/structure
Word choice/repetition
Consistency and Continuity
Style (grammar)

Here’s a list of questions that Truly Trendy asks during the editing process:

Are there sentences or paragraphs that read awkwardly?
Does the author make smooth transitions from one paragraph/scene to the next?
Does the prose seem stiff, and, if so, how can it be improved?
Are sentence lengths and structures varied?
Are paragraph breaks appropriate and effective?
Do chapters begin and end with effective prose?
Is the dialogue active and believable?
Are appropriate punctuation conventions observed?
Are dialogue tags appropriate and useful? Can the reader tell who the speaker is? 


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**All payments are made through for the following services**

Book PromotionMarketing 

Are you running a promo for your e-book?
Want more exposure for your book?
Are you on a budget?

Maybe I can help by promoting your e-book on my blog and social media by….

Creating awareness to readers

100% natural and organic visitors

I constantly grow my network to help authors reach more and more readers with their great work!

**DISCLAIMER: Does not guarantee sales**

Promote book/novel on blog and social media platforms.

I will promote your book on my blog and several social media platforms. Posts will go up once a day with a link to your website or purchase link(s). The blog post will be a spotlight only. Your book will reach up to 50,000 visitors a day during promotions. I will send you links so you can see your posts. I will create a simple but effective ad for your book.

Create a teaser, graphic, or banner for book/novel.

Whatever it is that you are selling marketing is everything. Graphics are crucial to snagging people’s attention these days. And the more creative the graphic, the more impact it will have on your audience. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Let me create custom teasers to help market your book and get your fans excited!

I will create a teaser, graphic or banner for your book or novel using the book cover or images that relate to the book. These can include book title, author’s name, pricing/sales, release date, etc.

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Book Covers

Custom book covers made to order. I know how to visualize your ideas into a clean artwork that your readers will be happy to share with friends.

If you already have an image I can work with it or I can provide an image.


 Creative design (JPG or PNG)

FOR $10




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