Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers by Matt Bertram

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40754509Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers by Matt Bertram.  The missing piece of internet marketing that almost all business owners miss is transforming themselves into an authoritative brand that attracts their ideal customers. Yes, traffic is very important for getting your prospects to find you online. However, most social psychologists would agree the secret sauce for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople is being chosen over your competition is to be viewed as a “Trusted Advisor”.
In this book, Matt Bertram reveals tactics and strategies to quickly build authority and create “trusted advisor status” in your market to dramatically gain mindshare with your prospects as well as increase your web presence, dominate your niche, and generate more leads online than ever before!

These are not untested theories, or rehashed ideas but strategies and tactics that Matt has personally helped implement for hundreds of clients and entrepreneurs, including:
Understanding the science behind credibility – a factual basis to generate trust A blueprint to creating the reputation you want others to see online The hidden concepts behind affinity audiences, attraction marketing, and cause-based selling Case studies and real-world examples of people and businesses that achieved significant success through brand building A step-by-step explanation of how to build authority using the best tools, platforms, and resources online Why achieving a “Trusted Advisor Status,” SERP stacking, and the celebrity effect is so important Brand new ways you can use social media, paid ads, email automation and more Matt Bertram is a trainer, local keynote speaker and consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling. He is currently the Co-host of the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and Ahrefs called, “The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.” He is COO at eWebResults, a top internet marketing agency since 1999.

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About the author: Matt Bertram is a trainer, author, local keynote speaker and consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling. He is currently the Co-host of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes and Ahrefs. He is COO at eWebResults, a top internet marketing agency since 1999. As a lead Digital Marketing Strategist, Matt has led online marketing programs in Web Design, Sales Funnels, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing Strategy, and Recruiting Strategies. He currently manages over $1.8 million in advertising dollars for clients.

Matt is a Google Partner with Google AdWords, Mobile, YouTube, Shopping, and Analytics Certifications, and has a strong track record of creating positive ROI with paid advertising for clients in a variety of different verticals. He has also consulted in the area of online personal branding for C-levels, Sales Directors, Realtors, and MLM Professionals. As a Digital Marketing Trainer and certified personal consultant, Matt Bertram has co-developed workshops in the areas of SEO Basics, Advanced SEO Marketing Techniques, Social Selling, PPC and more.

Also, Matt is a Talent Acquisition Professional with over ten years of experience in sourcing and recruiting for positions for startup to Fortune 100 technology companies mainly in oil and gas and healthcare sectors through cold market strategies. Matt is an expert in the development of near-term recruitment strategies to source and attract, screen, and select the most qualified candidates for difficult-to-fill positions.

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Aldo @rabtbooktours @lenanorthbooks


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Date Published: March 2018
Publisher: Black Opal Books
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Aldo is a mystery/thriller/love story in which a brilliant and dangerous ideologue attempts to eliminate a university’s genetics institute by holding the university’s president hostage.
On the same day that Isabel Canto, associate director of Pembrook Atlantic University’s Institute for Genome Modification, discovers she is pregnant with IGM post-doc Frank Marks’s baby, Pembrook’s president Mary Ellen Mackin receives a letter from “Aldo” threatening harm if she does not dissolve the institute and fire its director. Aldo claims to represent “ethical people across the world concerned with the detrimental consequences of germline genetic modification in humans” who fear not only “designer babies” but also the unintended consequences of changing human DNA for future generations.
The institute’s director, Linus Winter, conducts research into germline gene modification, which is the controversial modification of a gene in reproductive cells to affect descendants. Linus hopes to use genetic therapy to eliminate Huntington’s Disease, for which he has tested positive, and other horrific hereditary disorders.
Isabel suspects that Frank, who has disclosed his opposition to germline genetic therapy, is willing to sabotage Linus’s project. She finds her loyalties divided between Frank and Linus.
President Mackin refuses to dissolve IGM. The next evening Aldo kidnaps her.
This story is embedded in a letter Isabel writes to her son Lino on his sixteenth birthday.
 photo Aldo print front and back_zpsdwsxt1pw.jpg
About the Author

 photo Aldo Author Betty Jean Craige_zpspvgv6za8.jpgSince graduating from Pomona College in 1968, Betty Jean Craige has been a teacher, scholar, translator, columnist, and mystery writer. She retired from the University of Georgia in 2011 as University Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts. After retiring she published a Sunday column in the local paper about animal behavior titled “Cosmo Talks” and a book titled Conversations with Cosmo: At Home with an African Gray Parrot. Then she began writing fiction. Her Witherston Murder Mystery series, set in north Georgia, includes Downstream, Fairfield’s Auction (First Place in Chanticleer Book Awards’ category of Mystery and Mayhem), Dam Witherston (Honorable Mention in the 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for Mystery, and Distinguished Favorite in 2018 Independent Press Awards), and Chieftains in Witherston (scheduled to be published in 2019). A suspense novel, Aldo, came out in 2018.

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Apple of My Eye @rabtbooktours @CABarfknecht

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Psychological Suspense
Date Published: 08-04-2018
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Laurie Brandon isn’t crazy. It’s a bout of panic that has her muttering indecipherable sounds and crying out like a mad woman, an attack brought on by her infant daughter’s sudden disappearance from the town’s annual Apple Festival. Not insanity. She needs help to save Emily. Someone has to see that, do something.
But her recent history of psychosis coupled with witness claims that Emily was never at the festival with Laurie isn’t helping her credibility. Neither is recent suspension from her job as a school teacher over stability concerns. Perhaps most damaging, though, is Laurie’s insistence that her ex-husband, Jake, had something to do with the child’s disappearance. Any sane person knows a dead man can’t run off with a baby.
The town sheriff believes Laurie is, at best, unreliable and possibly something much worse. But Laurie knows what she saw. She knows other things, too, details too hard to believe and even harder to accept. Now, she needs to convince someone – anyone – that Emily is in danger before the sheriff locks Laurie away permanently.
About the Author

 photo IMG_466003_zpso3lhdtmu.jpgChristine Barfknecht has a passion for weaving the darkest bits of the human psyche into page-turning fiction. She’s been crafting stories since before she printed her first word and credits her overactive imagination to a lifelong love of reading. She seeks out books that keep her hiding beneath the covers at night or turning pages long after her eyes begin to cross, and strives for those qualities in her own writing.

Christine lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband, children, and pets where she is also a virtual bookkeeping entrepreneur. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys gardening, crafts, time with family, and traveling. APPLE OF MY EYE is her debut novel.
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Laurie seems to want to disappear into the wall, her back pressed firmly against it, her feet shuffling. I step closer to her, hoping she’ll catch sight of me instead of Tilton. “It’s Sheriff Tilton, Laurie.” I keep my voice soft. “But you just said Jake.”
She nods frantically.
I glance at the sheriff. By his expression, I know he’s thinking the same thing I am. Still, I play Laurie’s game, hope if she calms she’ll be able to speak to me again. “Jake has Emily?”
Those mumbled sounds tumble from her mouth again, gibberish I can’t even begin to understand. “J…J…J…” I think she’s nodding, but it’s hard to tell.
The sheriff steps forward, putting himself in Laurie’s line of vision. He puts his hands on his narrow hips, sticks out his ever-growing belly. “That doesn’t make sense.” At least he keeps his voice friendly. “You know that.”
She meets his eyes, her own widening. Tilton squints and shakes his head. “How could Jake have Emily?”
Laurie’s head is shaking and her teeth are chattering as if she’s standing in a freezer. “J…J…” She groans a little then blows out a frustrated breath.
Sheriff Tilton shakes his head. “Jake can’t have Emily, Laurie. He’s dead.”

PROMO – Improving Your Sudoku Skills: One Step at a Time by Patricia O’Connor

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Improving Your Sudoku Skills: One Step at a Time

Improving Your Sudoku Skills: One Step at a Time by Patricia O’Connor

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TRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO SEE THE POSSIBILITIES. The puzzles in the book are challenging, but each one can be solved without guessing or using candidate placeholders. Throw away the eraser, only write down a final answer, and have fun while you improve your skills. Each puzzle has a suggested order of moves, complete with an explanation for each answer. If you choose to solve it in a different order, a glance at the completed puzzle can help you through any rough spots.

Patricia O’Connor has spent years developing and teaching adult education courses, and this book is one more way in which she can share what she has learned. The proposed method of solving the puzzles significantly improved her skills and enjoyment, and it can help you, too.

Improving Your Sudoku Skills_ One Step at a Time by Patricia O'Connor - truly trendy marketing & pr.jpg

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbout the author: Pat O’Connor is a licensed Florida real estate broker, instructor, and owner of The Veritas Real Estate Group, Inc., which she founded in 2004 in Fort Lauderdale. Her company is a licensed real estate school as well as a brokerage firm, and she teaches the Florida Sales Associate Pre-Licensing course on a regular basis. Her real estate transactions include both residential and commercial properties in South Florida, and she was a licensed Florida mortgage broker for seven years.

Prior to relocating to Florida in 2002, Ms. O’Connor was employed as a Vice President of Technology at a number of financial firms in New York City including Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and PaineWebber. She has been teaching adults and developing course material since 1985. She was an Adjunct Professor at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J. and an Instructor at Columbia University in New York City. Ms. O’Connor enjoys writing about real estate and financial topics and has extensive experience as a freelance writer.

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Seaborn @rabtbooktours @lenanorthbooks

 photo Seaborn_zpsriohh6mh.jpg

Paranormal Romance
Date Published: August 20, 2018
Publisher: FAB Books
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Charlie runs for her life, bruised and bleeding after yet another visit from her former boyfriend. The only one she can turn to is a colleague, and Carrie sends Charlie to her parents on the Islands, a safe haven where she can rest and heal.
Prepared to leave, things take an unexpected turn when Charlie finds out about the legacy some of the families on the Islands share, and how she has links to it.
Joao is about to propose to his girlfriend when his uncle calls to ask for help, and he arrives at his uncle Nico and aunt Pauline’s house to find an abused girl. As the Chief of Police and protector of the Islands, he’s used to handling situations like this, but then the girl opens her eyes and his world shifts. The turquoise gaze is a clear indication that the girl comes from the Islands, but it also cuts straight to his soul.
Charlie and Joao grow close as she adjusts to her new life, but then their lives are turned around yet again, and this time, there might not be a way back to who they were becoming together.
Seaborn is loosely linked to the Birds of a Feather series where Joao played a part in book #4, Black Snow. The story takes place after the series ends, but it is not a continuation and can be read standalone.
 photo Seaborn Promo Pic_zpspx9u1vjh.jpg
There wasn’t any other way. I’d have to trust Carrie. We’d worked on the same team for two years and weren’t friends outside the office because I couldn’t have close friends. I’d tried but he drove them off, by being rude to them until they gave up, or telling me what would happen to them if I didn’t pull back, so I stopped calling and eventually, they did too. But Carrie and I were co-workers who talked every day, so in a way, we were friends after all. And Carrie knew who my former boyfriend was, and what he was capable of.
“Okay,” I whispered. “I’ll hold on to the phone for ten more minutes, then I’ll leave it behind.”
“Shit,” Carrie said again. “Okay. Shit. Move toward the airport, Lottie.”
I closed the call without saying goodbye and started walking. Everything hurt, but now I had a plan, and that gave me the strength to keep moving, step after agonizing step. I’d pulled the hood up to cover my face and used the arm to wipe off blood as I walked, hoping the dark blue color would hide the stains. The phone was in my hand, and I answered before the first silent buzz had come to an end.
“Benito is waiting for you. Side door, west of the building.”
“Side door, west of the building,” I echoed. “Carrie?”
“Oh, Lottie…”
I could hear how Carrie sniffled but didn’t know what to say to assure her everything would be okay. It wasn’t okay, and I wasn’t sure it ever would be.
 “Carrie?” I rasped out, finally.
“In my real life, the one I had before him… I wasn’t Lottie then. I had a real life once, and everyone called me Charlie.”
A sob came through the phone, and a quiet, “Oh, sweetie.”
“I’ll keep moving toward the airport now.”
Then I closed the call and started the long, painful walk toward my escape. I stopped outside a convenience store to put the phone in the back of a pick-up, hoping the owners wouldn’t get hurt if someone were tracing the signal.
When I reached the airport terminal, my head was spinning, and it felt as if I was stumbling along in a strange bubble where all sounds were warped, and the only emotion available was a dull, thumping pain.
“Side door, west of the building,” I repeated as a mantra, placing one foot in front of the other until I walked straight into a man.
“Jesus. Fuck, what the –”
I tried to smile and used the sleeve of her hoodie to wipe away sweat and blood from eyes which were swollen almost completely shut.
“Benito?” I asked.
“You’re Carries friend?”
“Jesus,” he repeated and reached for me.
“I’m good,” I mumbled and sidestepped. “No one can know I’m here.”
“I know,” he said. “Shit. Okay, let’s go.”
He led me around the building, through a gate, and over the tarmac. When I was sitting in one of the passenger seats, he tilted the chair all the way back and wrapped a blanket gently around me.
“Thank you,” I slurred. “Don’t talk about me on the radio.”
“He might hear. There can’t be any trails to follow.”
“Okay, honey. Okay. Shit. Just rest, and we’ll leave in a few minutes.”
There was no way I’d relax, not as long as he could find me, but it was nice to take the weight off my aching foot and close the small slits that were my eyes. Then the engines roared, the plane started moving, and finally – we were in the air.
Silently, hot tears started running across my temples and into my dirty and blood-streaked hair. Two minutes later, I slept.
About the Author

 photo Lena North_zpsxrkr40kt.jpgThe proper way to put it here would probably be to describe how I love to play with our two big dogs, adore my fantastic daughters and how much I love to read.  Another way would be to use my imagination and then I would be a super powerful warrior woman, think Xena the warrior princess (though with less tacky clothes). Or when I think of it, maybe I’m actually more of a Hercule Poirot (sans the suit and moustache). Or maybe I’m like Aragorn, strong and cool and then I might get to meet Gandalf! Or I could be Bella’s pretty cousin and snap Jacob up in a second (yeah, I’m so not team Edward), or wait, maybe I could be like one of them  heroines in historical novels who swoon all the time. I’ve always wanted to swoon  Well, I guess you get how my mind is working (or not working, some say).Anyways, I like to write. Stories, adventures, romantic and happy stuff mixed up with sorrow and hardship, and bit of laughter here and there because the way I see it – life is way too short to go around feeling grumpy.

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Mabel of the Anzacs @rabtbooktours @marydbrooksfic

 photo Mabel of the Anzacs_zpschjfmpmq.jpg

A Friendship for the Ages
YA/Women’s Historical Fiction
Date Published:  July 2018
Publisher: AUSXIP Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Two women – one a fiery teenager, the other a cantankerous octogenarian – find their mutual antipathy blossoms into an unlikely friendship in this heart-felt multigenerational story about finding a kindred spirit where you least expect it.
Zoe Lambros meets Mabel Andrews, a mercurial, cantankerous World War I Australian nurse. Zoe’s introduction to the fiery octogenarian is an explosive mix of sound and fury. Neither woman wants to give ground and they are determined to be proven right. For Zoe, actions speak louder than words and she sets out to uncover the enigma that is Mabel Andrews. Mabel discovers a kindred spirit that leads to an unlikely friendship. Together the two women forge a close bond that will change their lives forever.
It’s a friendship for the ages..
About the Author

 photo Mabel of the Anzacs Author Logo Mary D. Brooks_zpsesebtmbz.jpgMary D. Brooks is a geek with too many imaginary friends who speak different languages (knew those language classes would come in handy). She is a historical romance and urban fantasy storyteller and addicted to stories and song about strength and courage. Mary plays well with others (for an introvert) but then retreats to talk and write about her imaginary friends.  She is passionate about lots of things that inspire the mind (art/design, psychology, science and tech) and that sets her muse on fire (she’s a busy lady!).

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