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Book PromotionMarketing

Are you running a promo for your e-book?
Want more exposure for your book?
Are you on a budget?

Maybe I can help by promoting your e-book on my blog and social media by….

Creating awareness to readers

100% natural and organic visitors

I constantly grow my network to help authors reach more and more readers with their great work!

**DISCLAIMER: Does not guarantee sales**

Beta Read

I will beta read your novel or book. Simply purchase gigs to cover the length of your book.  I will include notes and suggestions throughout to help the flow or add comments to help explain parts that might sound confusing to the overall story.

Promote book/novel on blog and social media platforms.

I will promote your book on my blog and several social media platforms. Posts will go up once a day with a link to your website or purchase link(s). The blog post will be a spotlight only. Your book will reach up to 50,000 visitors a day during promotions. I will send you links so you can see your posts. I will create a simple but effective ad for your book.

Create a teaser, graphic, or banner for book/novel.

Create a teaser, graphic or banner for your book or novel using the book cover or images that relate to the book. These can include book title, author’s name, pricing/sales, release date, etc.

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