Spotlight Tour: Best Of My Love by N.D. Jackson

Best Of My Love by N.D. Jackson -

Best of my LoveBest Of My Love (Love in Emerald Creek) by N.D. Jackson

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: Sept. 21, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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DRE never returned to Emerald Creek after the man she thought she would marry broke her heart. But a late-night phone call from halfway around the world brought her right back to her hometown. And face to face with the man she never thought she would have to see again. Summer in Emerald Creek was everything she remembered—endless festivals, picnics in the park, and time with her best friend and her favorite little tykes—and Dre is finding it hard to resist the pull of the chemistry she and Erick still have.

ERICK made the biggest mistake of his life all those years ago but the result, his adorable little girl, was the best thing that ever happened to him. He’d done the right thing, or at least he tried to but his marriage hadn’t worked despite all that it cost him. But now, Dre was back in Emerald Creek and the universe had given him a second chance this summer, to put back together what he broke.

To reclaim the only woman he’s ever truly loved. Can one summer recall a lifetime of memories and rekindle a love that never really went away?

2021 nd jacksonAbout the author (from Goodreads): Hey, I’m Natasha and I love stories. I love to read them, to watch them and most of all I love to write them. I find people endlessly fascinating and frustrating, which makes for the most interesting stories!

I also love politics and true crime so, in addition to writing romance, I also write political satire. It has been my dream to make a living as a writer since I was a kid and got lost in Judy Blume, The Babysitter’s Club, and Sweet Valley High (is my age showing?!?!). When I’m not writing I can be found engaging in one-sided conversations with Rachel Maddow, singing very loudly very badly, and trying out new recipes from around the world.

I love to laugh, I gave my husband a sappy pet name and I think answers to most of life’s dilemma’s can be found in an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

My first series, Mustang Prairie, is a small-town romance because I feel they offer a variety of fun characters whose lives are interconnected. It is based loosely on my college town, which was the smallest town I’ve ever lived in…Go Panthers!

As a die-hard political junkie, many of my stories contain some element of politics or public policy because nothing gets the juices flowing like a passionate debate!

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve lived from one ocean to the other in the U.S. and just about everywhere in between, and I call Germany home for now. I’m quite sure where we will end up next but it could be London, France, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, or Johannesburg. I love to travel–except for airports–and to observe the world with my best friend and husband, who sometimes can’t tell if I’m talking to myself, the TV, or my characters.


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