Eating the Forbidden Fruit by Roland Sato Page  @RolandSatoPage  #interview 

Eating the Forbidden Fruit 
by Roland Sato Page  
@RolandSatoPage  #interview 

Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a fictional novel based on true events in Author’s Roland Page life as a police officer convicted of federal crimes. The book takes you on a emotional journey as he search for answers where did he go wrong. A fusion of drama, humor, and romance Roland assure readers will enjoy his testimony. It’s a tale of immoral acts that led to criminal behavior. Read his inner battle between loyalty of his family or the badge.


Author Interview

1 Tell us about your latest book? “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is a fictional novel based on events in my life as a police officer convicted of federal crimes. It’s a journey of ups and downs attempting to find answers where I went wrong. Truly a tale of karma.

2 Does writing energize or exhaust you? I was diagnosed with Lupus about 10 years ago. It stop my career as a tattoo artist, my hand eye coordination. Since I’ve been battling depression. Within the last year I lost my mom, undergone hip replacement surgery so writing is a form of therapy. A trade off from visual art to literary art.
3 Have you ever gotten reader’s block? Definitely a symptom of Lupus is fatigue so getting motivated is a problem. Yet I promised my mom I would complete what I started. It was her wish before she passed. My mom was a native of Osaka Japan, one of the strongest women in my life. Came to the US speaking little to no English and made a way for my family. I owe her the world.
4 Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? My story is a confession from the heart. I reveal my faults and accomplishments. I believe people will relate because everyone falls from grace sometime or another. It will be informative for law enforcement in training. If it can prevent recruit from making the mistake I made. Indulging in immoral acts can lead to criminal behavior. Like a God complex, immune to repercussions.
5 Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? Everyone goes through a emotional journey at one time. It could involve drama, misery, humor. So yes if a person at the right point in time can translate their thoughts to paper, they too can write a story.
6 What does literary success look like to you? Simply the accomplishment of having my book independently published. Wealth isn’t always monetary it’s spiritual also. I got to tell my side of the story after the media tore my reputation up. It was to be expected when people read a cop convicted of a crime, they assume he was corrupt and that wasn’t my case. The book will explain my story.
7 What’s the best way to market your books? I hired a all in one publisher and publicist, Katara Washington Patton, and her credentials are quite impressive.
8 Do you have any causes, charities, foundations that you are passionate about and donate to? Yes, I would like to donate some proceeds to the Lupus Foundation specifically people who are indigent and can’t afford health care.
About the author:  Roland Sato Page hailing from St. Louis Mo is preparing to release his forth coming fiction novel “eating the Forbidden Fruit” early 2020. This is his first go around as a author however he has always had a artistic way of expressing himself. A former tattoo artist it was simple to transform visual expression into literary translation. The writer went through personal losses recently, the passing of his mother and battling Lupus disease. Depression was getting the best of him so writing became his therapy. Since being diagnosed with Lupus he lost his hand eye coordination preventing him from tattooing. However he feels everything happens for a reason with tragedy comes blessings, his sons took over the business,(the Pearl) and have excelled to a higher level. The Pearl is now a second generation company established for the past 27 years located in downtown St. Louis Mo.

Roland contributes his humble success from his parents. Growing up in a military family his mother was a native of Osaka Japan and his father a Army combat sergeant has toured during three different wars training troops. Coming from a strong background he was taught to face situations head on and move on. Those morals helped Roland during his trial. The media portrayed him in a harsh perspective. Roland wanted to tell his side of the story. When a police officer is convicted of a crime the public perceives them as a corrupt cop. Roland says that is so far from the truth with him. He explains when he put on that uniform he did his job never using his authority to violate anyone rights or abuse his power. He does admit that he doesn’t have the commitment of a law enforcement personnel. Once one takes that oath as a commission officer you are obligated to uphold the law. Meaning if you have knowledge of any criminal activity you have the duty to report and administer the law regardless of who it is. That goes for friend and family thus that begins the story of his book. He acknowledge it takes a strong individual to wear that uniform however police are human therefore error is always a possibility.
“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” was a appropriate title in the author eyes. If law enforcement commits unethical or criminal acts it falls under Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. Sin is a variation of Forbidden Fruit (Eve’s Apple). That’s how the book received it’s name. The book will be available early 2020 targeted in late Feb.

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