PROMO – The Sugar Secrets: What’s Hidden Behind Your Diet by Jessica Soraya

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The Sugar Secrets: What’s Hidden Behind Your Diet by Jessica Soraya – Published August 20th 2018 – “Break free from the claws of sugar so that you can live a healthier and happier lifestyle!”

41252920Naturally, the human body was not designed to run handle processed sugars. In fact, processed sugar didn’t make its way into the human diet until the seventh century. It first started with the Persians who discovered that sugar could be made out of sugarcane, and then the Arabs turned it into a luxury item, using it to entertain the royals and VIPs.

Before long, sugar became a mass-produced item, consumed by all and sundry but it was still good. Around that time, people were consuming an average of 4 pounds of sugar per year – that’s much less than 1 teaspoon of sugar daily. But right now, it has become a problem. The average American consumes 227 grams of sugar daily- that’s about 81.6 kilograms of sugar per year, a sharp deviation from the 50 grams maximum daily consumption recommended by the FDA. With this excessive sugar consumption came all sorts of diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, morbid obesity, bone deterioration, and cancer.

While we know that processed sugar is bad for us, many of us can’t seem to shake off the chains that have hooked them up to sugar. Who is to blame for all this?   –   –   Goodreads

Jessica SorayaAbout the author: Jessica personal journey has been from that of an unhealthy and sickly child to that of a strong, positive woman. Her life experience has led her forward on her journey, and she wishes to inspire others to also live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

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The Sugar Secrets:
What’s Hidden Behind Your Diet 
by Jessica Soraya  – The Sugar Secrets: what’s hidden behind your diet by Jessica Soraya

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