The Mind’s Eye by Perry Prete – Review

The Mind’s Eye by Perry Prete 

Nicole Baker is a quiet girl – the type of person who is seldom noticed by anyone. That is until one day she discovers she has the unique ability to see images move on photographs. At first, she uses her ability to entertain friends at parties and work. Then senior detective Paul Hammond learns of her ability and enlists her help in a case of unsolved murders that he has not been able to make any headway on.

Carl Kadner, a rookie reporter with the local paper is investigating the murders as well. And he learns what it takes to be the kind of reporter he wants to be when he puts himself in danger for the sake of the story. It is only when Carl, Nicole and Detective Hammond pool their resources that things start making sense.


The Mind's Eye by Perry Prete banner

My Review: The Mind’s Eye is a science fiction paranormal fantasy. This fast-paced read will have you second guessing until the very end. Prete writes with a vividly realistic and suspenseful touch that is sure to draw you in from the beginning and hold your attention until the very end. An ending that is sure to surprise you. The characters are relatable and well-developed. This combined with a plot that is sure to have you on pins and needles makes this a truly suspenseful read.

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